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Saturday, November 14th, 2009
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Chapped lips is a condition that afflicts many; for most it’s a seasonal inconvenience.  Winter, with its chill and dry air, is mortal enemy to delicate skin.  Lips do not naturally produce their own oil (no no, acne-phobes, oil is an essential ingredient for healthy skin, no matter the type – I’ll actually get to an oil cleansing regimen later).  Without any barrier to Jack Frost’s wind and bite, lips are prone to becoming dry, flaking messes when Daylight Saving ends.

Of course, then there are people like me. If you’re similarly afflicted, there’s no need to say anymore.  But to the majority, I’ll describe.

I’ve had chronically chapped lips, no matter what the season, always.  Really, always.  When I was a child my mother would sneak into my room at night and slather my lips in Vaseline.  It didn’t work.  My lips peeled.  They cracked.  They bled.

They still do.  I can’t wear lipstick (though that’s ok as I feel I look clownish with it) because it highlights my malaise.  During the day, parts flake off, leaving odd, negative spaces in my lips.  I have a big pout too, so it draws attention.

I saw a dermatologist recently, begging for some relief from the bleeding and pain.  She deemed me doomed, as with my sensitive skin and allergies, I am meant to suffer.  I refuse to believe this.  Thus I’ve begun my own experiment with alternatives.

My newest venture into the world of lip treatment has had me face to face with EOS’s lip balm.  The web site declares that this oddly shaped egg of balm is “packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil (-) eos keeps lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.”  That’s nice and all, but let’s go over it, piece by piece.

A Staycation Staple:

The packaging is truly innovative.   Rubbery and shaped like a future victim of omelet demise, you can be sure you’ll be able to dig it out of your purse by feel alone.

It does moisturize.

It makes a cute desk accessory, if you’re into that.

A lippy punch – there is more balm here than in the average Chap Stick container.

A Staycation “SO NO WAY:”

It may not be enough for those of us with an actual medical lip chap problem.

I worry what will happen when the balm is down to 50% – I won’t be able to simply slide it on my lips using the applicator, and I don’t enjoy sticking my fingers into goop just to smear it on my smile.

This product claims to be, “95% organic, 100% natural.”  At first read, that sentence looks great.  But when you consider how standards for what is “natural” and “organic” vary and how those percentages could possibly play out under actual scientific equipment, it’s hard to put blind faith into advertising claims.


On the surface this balm seems great.  Though I’ve had to apply it hourly (which is par), the “summer fruit” scent is refreshing (like a tropical gum), and I think I’ve noticed it sinking into my lips fairly well.

However, I can already tell that it’s strictly a “day balm;” were I to apply this at night, I’d still wake up a victim of my “condition” in the morning.  Day wear is fine, but I can still feel that my lips are bound to relapse if I’m a moment late in moisturizing.  No one wants to be a slave to the stick; myself included.  The relief is nice, but the knowledge that the chappy wolves are hungry, gnawing and merely at bay is not comforting.

For people like me burdened with a thirst no average balm can slake, it’s a mediocre product.  Still, as I don’t see ads addressing our condition along side of Viagra and Valtrex spots, I’m guessing we’re in the minority.  For the average seasonal lip discomfort, I do think this works.  I can at least try to stand behind a product that attempts to go green, and does a decent job on this exceptionally tough customer.

I think for the most of ya’s, you’ll like it.  Recommended.

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