Life, 2.0.05

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

New house, new job, new town…

No, even newer than the move I made a little over a year ago.  Everything is different again, but it’s a good different.  I’m comfortable, I’m happy, and I’m relaxed.  Well, I’m as relaxed as I can be when I want to give the best work possible at my job, but in the end, it’s all details.

We’re ripping open boxes.  Family photos are going up on the walls.  B has been making soup stock from scratch, and it smells kinda awesome (the other part of me can’t figure out if chicken stock smells slightly like urine).  We can’t decide on paint colors.  We carved a jack ‘o lantern (after buying pumpkins for the past five years and never carving them).  We want to replace the windows in our bedroom.  We’re figuring out how to operate both fireplaces.  We’re pretty much marinating in the new house and enjoying every single quirk and surprise that comes up.  B lights candles at night, and we’ve been cooking together each chance we get.

Me?  Now that I’ve had a little time to breathe and get over the shock of leaving my beloved New England, I think I’m starting to, dare I say it?  Maybe thrive, a teeny bit?  Just a little?  Can I say that?

Anyway, most importantly, I’ve started on my Chrismanukahwanza presents.  This year is all about embroidery, bitches.  I’d much rather make presents than buy them, so that’s what I’m doing this year.

Various family members read this blog, so I’m not about to post photos of my works-in-progress.


I never make anything for myself.  I guess I honestly like working hard on something and giving it to someone I dig.  I get so excited about how much love I put into it; I feel like the recipient will  know the care I’ve stitched into it when they see the work.  I think.  Point is, I give everything that I make away.

Except one thing.  I began work on a tote bag for myself well over a year ago.  It’s been pushed aside for projects for friends and family.  It’s been bugging me.  I’m stitching it now, and well, here is the result of the ongoing work: 

So yeah, I know it looks totally weird.  I don’t know why I grabbed the pattern.  In fact, this bag became mine by default, since I didn’t know a single soul who’d want a tote with a crazy tiger-headed rockabilly chica holding a gravity-defying cupcake, surrounded by what I assume is an admonishment from Zeus.   Because, well, that’s bizarre, yo.

Still, I stitched it.  And I must say that I’m kind of proud of my work.  Which is why I keep stitching.  I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty excited about how the head came out.  Check out the closeup:

I know how odd it is, but I totally dig the varied stitches.

I came up with it as I stitched, and well, I think it came out ok!

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