Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Me, I’m a vegetarian.  It’s fairly recent, but it’s been a long time coming, and it’s something into which I evolved.  Over time I sank into it comfortably, and I dig it (I can’t believe it but I frigging love tofu).  I don’t dare presume to put my politics or beliefs on others, though.  It’s not my place to judge other people or their habits.  What’s valid for others is valid, right?

For my own beliefs though, I am passionate.  I love animals and prefer to hug them, rather than eat or wear them.  That’s me.

That’s why I fell head over heels in love with Texas artist Christy Robinson.

Credit: Christy Robinson.  Photo Credit:

Credit: Christy Robinson. Photo Credit:

Operating independently since 2006, her beautiful, handmade jewelry speaks to the tree-hugger in all of us (come on, you know it’s in you).  For those of us who count ourselves as vegans or vegetarians, there’s plenty of gear to announce our animal friendliness to the world. I swooned at her collection.

Not a veggie but still dig animal rights?  Despair not.  You can find cute, cat or dog shaped necklaces encouraging animal adoption and spaying/neutering pets.  Some adornments endorse saving whales and leaving foxes to enjoy their own fur.  Other fox prettiments simply declare the cleverness of the wearer.

Want to keep personal politics out of it?  That’s cool, too.  Robinson has plenty of pretty, neutral baubles engineered to draw attention to your neck, fingers, or wrists.

And if nothing stands out (though that’s hard to imagine), you can always commission Robinson to create something that’s uniquely you.  This designer crafted a cool, understated Dallas city skyline to adorn a loyal Texan customer’s neck (the Boston Yank in me wonders if she’d take me up on a Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge neck piece – I’ll have to wait until I’ve left the ranks of the laid off to see).  From what I’ve seen, there’s no limit.

For more of Robinson’s pieces d’art, check her out here.

Oh, I have to give props to Alternative Outfitters, where I found Christy Robinson’s work.  They have kickass gear (no really, I adore their stuff) and all of it (yes all!) is animal friendly.  I especially encourage you to check out their wallets (swoon).


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