Do you Live Indoors? Us Too!

Hi, I’m Gwen, and I like doing stuff and making things.  I don’t like spending a lot of money, though.

I used to work for a small, Boston-based design firm.  As times got leaner and the economy began its infamous nosedive, the industry changed.  Vacations yielded to (yes) staycations, and dining out regularly wasn’t in the cards for the average guy.

Designers quickly took note that with so many people spending an increasing amount of time at home, interest in improving living space shot up.  Hey, if you’re stuck indoors, it’s better to like what you see, right?

By the time I joined the ranks of the laid off (yep, even mavens like moi got the axe), I had been tossing the idea for a blog around for a while.  Improving one’s surroundings is empowering.  This blog is a collection of both what I have learned and what I pick up along the way.  The best part is that nothing here will break the bank.

If you try anything in this blog, feel free to write me, or leave comments.  I always love to see what people do with a simple idea.

Oh yeah, after some time with this blog, I’ve decided to branch out a little.  From now on, though I’ll be keeping the above in mind, but will also extend my antennae to those things that make you *and* your nest a little shinier.