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Make Your Walls Unique

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

As a rental dweller, I always have my antennae tuned to new ways I can customize my place – without horrifying my landlord.  Obviously the key word here is temporary.  Any long term changes to the apartment would make it pretty hard to request references for future rentals.

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That’s why I was pretty excited by the idea of removable wall decals.  More precise and detailed than any traditional stencil, they come right off the wall and and hold up pretty well until they’re hung again. Voila – instant room update without sending the Dude in Charge into coronary arrest.  Oh yeah, and they won’t send your wallet into convulsions, either.

I suggest checking out California based Blik Surface Graphics for their fresh, contemporary designs.  With patterns and decals to suit almost any taste, you’d be hard pressed not to find a winner.  And for the kids (and lets face it- us gamer geeks too), there are even pieces to create your own scene from Super Mario Bros.  The Princess approves.  Too bad she’s in another castle.

I’m also a huge fan of the peer-generated shirts on (find me here) and I was pretty psyched to find that some of the more popular graphics have been reincarnated into Blik decals (see Moon Kite, right).  Not only is thrilling to see independent artists find commercial success, but some of the stuff they create is so gosh darn cool.  I dig it.

Just so’s ya know, I haven’t had a chance to test these babies in the Staycation Product Lab (otherwise known as my Boston apartment) yet, so all I can really vouch for is the inventiveness and kickass designs seen on Blik’s web site.  And that it’s a great idea.

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(If anyone reading this is affiliated with Blik Surface Graphics, feel free to contact Apply Yourself with additional information or comments.  We’ll post it here.)

Renters can take their decor with them on future moves, and kids can swap out designs as they get older and change tastes (and yes parents, you can remove them when the kids head off to college or the NHL or prison).  Because that’s what life is about, right?  Change.  People aren’t stagnant by nature, and our designs shouldn’t be, either.

Readers, have you tried decals out yet?  What are your experiences?  Discuss.

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